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“Degem” – Degem presents a revolutionary solution, incorporating cutting edge technology which provides the complete blueprint of state-of-the-art 3D printing for a myriad of diverse uses in industrial serial production. With groundbreaking technology, individualized printing, and a meticulous understanding of the client’s needs, Degem is successful in providing a unique and stellar service experience for a range of prominent industries, including architecture, industry, and technology.

Quick and Slick

Degem’s 3D printer is empowered with technological versatility that combines up to six different polymers in a single print head at phenomenal industrial speed.

How quickly do we print?

the average market speed (for color printers)

Instant adjustment of any printable simulation file, using an exclusive interface operated by the company experts.

Size Does Matter – Trays That Make the Difference

Degem offers a variety of printing options with our 3D printer systems, using large-scale trays and upgraded additive manufacturing technology (FDM).

Like Clay in the Potter's Hand

Degem’s 3D printers are designed to accommodate printing with an extensive range of materials, while maintaining versatility and a finished product of the highest market standard.

Relevant materials include: (open source)







Thermal conductive: 6 W/m-K

Electric conductive: 30-110 ohm-cm

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