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Everything begins and ends with people. The greatest inventions in the world began with a vision, which was manifested into creation by people who sought to change and improve the world we live in. At Degem, we believe that a technological idea does not stand alone. We believe that it lies in harmony with exemplary people who together dedicate themselves to creating change and showing the way to a better world.

Degem is a revolutionary company that raises the wonders of technology to new heights.

The company’s flagship product is produced by a 3D printer, known for its state-of-the-art features, facilitating printing at unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency.

The company printers are empowered with technological versatility and precisely tailored to the needs of diverse fields in the market, including commerce, industry, architecture, and medicine among many others.

To Degem’s credit, the company operates the first manufacturing line of its kind in the world, constructing and producing outstanding architectural models. These models comprise the identical portrayal of the computer-simulated imaging, using FDM additive manufacturing technology, and ensuring accessibility to new demographics and population sectors.

Degem is proud to be an entrepreneurial company involved in local research and development. It is an honor to introduce a revolutionary product that places Israel at the top of global innovation.

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